Democracy in Colour is a national racial and economic justice organisation led by people of colour. We run campaigns that tackle structural racism and build the power of people of colour to shape the critical issues that affect our lives.

Meet Democracy in Colour

Nearly half of all people of colour in Australia experience racism in their lifetimes. This has profound impacts on people’s wellbeing, health, sense of belonging and participation in society – but it is often invisible. Our society currently faces the rise of white supremacist groups, a political consensus on offshore island concentration camps, vicious racialised crime panics, calls for Muslim bans and increased fear mongering. Communities of colour are used as convenient scapegoats to cover for the failings of a broken system of inequality by power brokers, politicians and institutions such as the conservative media.

Our principles

We are led by people of colour, and always seek to amplify the leadership of frontline communities.

We focus on the systemic causes of racial injustice. We pick the bold, ambitious fights that get us closer to a world where justice is real.

We work to strengthen communities, shift the relations of power away from those with money and influence and towards everyday people, and expand the realms of what’s possible.

Social change is an ecosystem and we believe in partnership, not competition.

We are fiercely independent – we do not take government funds so we are answerable to our members and mission only.