What is Democracy in Colour?
Democracy in Colour is Australia’s first national racial justice advocacy organisation led by and for people of colour. We run campaigns to tackle structural racism; hold political, cultural and corporate leaders to account on the things they say and do on race; and strengthen the political voice of people of colour through training and capacity building work.

How does Democracy in Colour operate?
We’re here to build a movement, and we believe in democracy and autonomy.

There are Democracy in Colour groups all over Australia, with more forming as we grow. Local groups have freedom to adapt campaigns and events to suit their local context and to run their own locally focused campaigns.

Members contribute to the overall strategies and tactics of Democracy in Colour by participating in online surveys and polls and ultimately by getting engaged in their local Democracy in Colour group.

We also have a national team that guides overarching work, supports local groups, runs training and development programs, drives our political strategy, and runs rapid response campaigns.

How can I start a group?
It’s fantastic that you want to start a group! Get in touch and we’ll set you up.

Why is volunteering only open to people of colour?
We have a few ways people can get involved with Democracy in Colour.

If you identify as a person of colour, you can become a member and volunteer. We believe that the most effective campaigns are led by the people who are most impacted by the issues they’re fighting. People of colour directly live with the consequences of structural racism and that’s why we’re best placed to come up with and drive the solutions to it.

People of colour have the tools to change our communities to reflect our values – which are really values that most people share – equality and justice. We have the skills, and now we’re creating our own space to run campaigns – away from the victim narratives, white saviour complexes and tokenism that can often infest parts of activism.

However, if you don’t identify as a person of colour, you can still be an ally [ink to sign up page]. Allies are invited to support the work that we are doing and work alongside us to build a society where justice is real. You can do that by participating in campaigns or donating.

I don’t identify as a person of colour, what can I do?
Become an ally. You’ll stand with us in solidarity by supporting our campaigns, promoting our work or by donating.

How can I donate?
You can contribute one-off or become a regular supporter.