We have an incredible team of dozens of people of colour – campaigners, creatives, storytellers, organisers, strategists and technologists with decades of experience creating change between us.

Take a look at some of the people involved in Democracy in Colour (with many more around the country – if you’d like to join us, click here).


Elisabeth Kava

Social Media Analyst

In a previous life, Lisa trained to be a physicist and mathematician, as a research assistant at UNSW and a college fellow at the University of Chicago. Lisa uses her data analysis and programming skills for social good, from her involvement with the Civic Tech community in Chicago to her current role as an economic analyst with the state government.  Lisa also uses her teaching experience as a regular volunteer with a local refugee community.

Lisa believes in broad-based participation as a key cornerstone to a healthy democracy, and in building platforms for amplifying the voices of marginalised peoples.

Tim Lo Surdo

Founder and National Director

Tim works at United Voice as a Senior Organiser. Previously, Tim was the Head of Campaigns at Oaktree, has been an adviser to two Senators, directed national campaigns for an advocacy organisation in India, co-founded an international spoken word poetry platform, led communications for UN Youth Australia and organised young people in Queensland for the AYCC.

With a deep-seated belief in people-powered change, Tim has a burning passion for building a world where the inherent worth and dignity of everyone is recognised.

Deng Maleek Deng

Director of Community Engagement

Deng was born in South Sudan and now works at Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre (FKCLC), on a Police Accountability Project. His work is aimed at redressing racial profiling and discriminatory policing of young people from Indigenous, ethnic and religious backgrounds in Victoria.

Deng previously worked with Concern Australia in conjunction with Neighbourhood Justice Centre assisting young people in Juvenile Justice to end recidivism and breach of Court Orders and positively transit into the community. He was also part of the Atherton Garden’s Project’s Forum (Part of the Fitzroy Renewal Team).  He is in his final year studying Youth Work and Sport & Recreation Management at Victoria University.

Divina Blanca

Digital Director

Divina has many years of experience in the Australian political landscape. Divina first joined Democracy in Colour as an organiser on the marriage equality campaign during the Australian postal vote and now is the Digital Director. A proud union member since the day she was born, Divina works as an Organiser for the Australian Services Union and previously worked in digital at a startup company and online bookstore.

Divina has a passion for collective organising, democratic decision making, and using her skills to fight for intersectional equality.