Ceasefire Now

Ceasefire Now

Email supportive Labor and Greens politicians

While thousands of bombs are being dropped on one of the most densely populated areas in the world, our government has been reluctant to call for a ceasefire.[1] While it may not seem like much, taking a cease-fire position would be an important and noticeable signal to the international community. Thankfully, our communities have been consistently showing up in solidarity with those who are suffering. The strength of our communities and the pressure it is creating is making a difference.[2]

The Palestinian community has shown incredible strength, by taking this positive action we can support them and contribute to an end to this violence. The violence and terror that innocent civilians are being subjected to in Gaza is unimaginable. Our communities have been showing up in solidarity with the Palestinian people and as a result, we are seeing the government’s position start to shift.[3] Together, we can take positive action to capitalise on this shift and ensure that our government takes a strong position on the world stage, advocating for a ceasefire and peace.

By sharing your support to those politicians who are speaking out you can strengthen the resolve of these politicians to continue their push. With our support, they can push even harder and make sure that the call for a ceasefire and peace is loud, clear and united.

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