Fight For Climate Justice

Fight For Climate Justice

First Nations people and people of colour across the globe are disproportionately affected by climate change.

Our environment is in crisis. People of colour are facing the effects of climate change in this country – especially with days of extreme heat and poor air quality from bushfire smoke. The disasters that have devastated many of our communities are the direct result of climate change. Without action we’re facing more extreme weather events, fires, floods, droughts and loss of wildlife.

Once in a hundred year weather events are becoming annual occurrences in this continent, and our friends and families overseas are also feeling the impacts of climate change. We’ve seen king tides in Hawaii, overwhelming heat in India and England and floods in Bangladesh affect communities already impacted by global inequality.

Democracy In Colour is a movement for racial justice; and that means climate justice.

It’s urgent – we need to act now.

Lets come together to find solutions to climate change, protect our communities and create a more just and equal world in the process.

Join the campaign! You don’t need any special skills, just passion for justice, equity and our environment.