Give $15 to our Migration With Dignity Campaign!

Give $15 to our Migration With Dignity Campaign!

Can you give $15 to power our migration with dignity campaign to make sure no migrant of colour is left behind?

​Our Migration With Dignity Campaign will be led by refugees and migrations of colour advocating for themselves, we’ll be building a coalition of people to work on radically changing the migration system and gear it towards one that is about permanent settlement, with clear and simple pathways to residency.

$15 will allow us to:

  • Hire out venues and cater events for intimate listening sessions to learn about the common issues vulnerable migrants face in the visa systems
  • Take snap actions in front of parliament or to MPs, repaying activists for their time, money and transportation
  • Fund our the efforts of our organisers, who will be working on this long-term campaign to make our visa system fairer

We’re at a moment where Scott Morrison is facing intense pressure by the public to increase Australia’s refugee intake and improve its resettlement process. Let’s make it count!

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