Let citizens come home

Let citizens come home

The crisis in India is an international emergency. Australia has always repatriated citizens overseas who are in natural disasters, war zones or who are facing unfair treatment by other governments. 

There are over 9000 Australian citizens in India right now who do not know if they’ll live long enough to make it home. 

It is unconscionable that Scott Morrison and his government have decided to leave them in an emergency zone. 

Being an Australian citizen means you always have a home to go safely back to and your home is where your loved ones are. But the loved ones of the thousands of Australians stuck in India don’t know if they’ll ever be able to reunite with their families here again.

This pandemic isn’t going away and it’s time we had a consistent health response. Australian citizenship means that we look after our people no matter where they are.

The Australian Government  must develop consistent health responses to this global health crisis – there shouldn’t be one rule for one country and another rule for another. And we need dedicated quarantine facilities that are set up for returning Australians to safely isolate and recover if they are sick. 

Our BioSecurity Act must be changed so that it ensures every citizen is able to return home and quarantine safety. No one should be denied access to their home.

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