People of Colour Campaigning Fellowship

Following the success of the Young Muslim Campaigning Fellowship, Democracy in Colour is running Australia’s first five-month intensive campaigning fellowship specifically designed for people of colour.

During these five months, these people of colour will learn about all aspects of campaigning – everything from strategy, leadership and political engagement, to digital, communications and fundraising.

This training program will build on the best available social change resources tailored to meet the needs and experiences of young POC through three immersive retreats, 10 workshop intensives, co-design workshops to plan real life community advocacy initiatives, inspiring speakers, discussion groups and mentoring. Fellows will leave with the campaigning and leadership skills to run effective campaigns to change hearts, minds, public policy and corporate behaviour.

This Fellowship is about building a new generation of young POC changemakers who can mobilise Australians around shared values, influence the political process, and deeply engage their communities to win campaigns.