Who We Are

Democracy In Colour is a national racial and economic justice organisation led entirely by people of colour.

We campaign to end harmful policies and structures that disenfranchise people of colour. We propose new systems and solutions with those most affected to create a more equitable and just country for all. We do this by organising and building leadership in our own communities whilst working in solidarity with First Nations people and white accomplices.

“When our lives and livelihoods are at stake, we need a bold agenda that tackles structural racism and inequality that leads to material change for all of us”

Our Vision

We want to build a world where all people live with dignity and respect and where the humanity of every person is recognised.

We want to everyone to have a comfortable, stable and happy life where access to essentials and service are abundant, and opportunity exists for all.

Together, we can build a future that works for everyone.

Our Priorities 

  • Building power in communities of colour so our movement is led by those with lived experience. 
  • Deliver targeted, low-barrier, culturally safe training to communities of colour so that we can build capacity in key communities.
  • We build solidarity across the various migrant groups on this continent, from those whose already values alighted to the soon-to-be politically activated. 
  • We are loyal to our ultimate goal of racial justice and self-determining our future
  • We build our power by strengthening our connections to our communities and cultures 

We have a proven track record of racial justice. Our movement successfully removed far-right racists Pauline Hanson and Sam Newman from our screens, and during the COVID-19 pandemic: advocated for income support for people on temporary visas, ended the hypocritical India Travel ban and held the NSW Berejiklian Government’s Ministers and Police to account for their racist policing of communities of colour during western Sydney’s lockdown.

Key Areas of Work

We’re focused on building new systems in this country that ensures the dignity of all migrants, a  justice system built on restoration instead of racism and punishing the poor, an ambitious climate policy that leaves no one behind and an end to hate speech. 

Be part of the solution…