Racial Justice Program

The Racial Justice program 2023 (renamed from Placement Program) will be Democracy in Colour’s fourth year of running our unique leadership, professional development and job placement program.

In the past three years we have supported or created roles for 45 First Nations and People of Colour (FNPOC) in Not for Profits, including the social service, climate and union sectors.

We supported three entry level program alumni into new mid level positions in the climate and union movements in 2020 and 2022 and will continue to deliver leadership outcomes and increase opportunities for FNPOC.

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The Racial Justice Program will create measurable change for racial justice and inclusion by supporting and developing FNPOC talent as well as organisational and Climate Movement capacity.

The Climate sector struggles with cultural safety, recruitment and retention of FNPOC talent, and meaningful representation in leadership.

FNPOC in the Climate sector struggle with racial injustice: cultural unsafety, lack of leadership opportunities or outright exclusion.

As a result, organisations are far less impactful, failing to harness talents and experience of FNPOC, nor to meaningfully work with communities of colour towards Climate Justice.

Democracy in Colour will open doors for FNPOC talent, supporting their professional and lived experience expertise to represent our communities, lead and build real power towards Climate Justice in climate organisations.

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The Senior Racial Justice Program provides:

  •  In-depth training to support on-the-job learning and up-skilling, build up resilience, Climate Justice practises and professional confidence; a majority of training is delivered by FNPOC expert facilitators..
  • Professional mentoring by Senior FNPOC mentors to build leadership capacity, skills and knowledge
  •  Peer to Peer coaching, support, collaboration, solidarity and safety for sharing common lived experiences and meeting challenges

Culturally safe, nurturing and productive spaces and experiences are actively embedded in the program to provide participants with a powerful, connected, validating, and  transformative experience.

Key to the program’s success is that we work with participants and their workplaces to build anti-oppression and racial justice cultures rooted in equity, justice and fairness.

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