People of Colour Senior Placement Program 2022

People of Colour Senior Placement Program 2022

Demoracy in Colour’s Senior Placement Program in 2022 is finished.

Is your organisation interested in joining the PoC Placement Program for 2023?

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People of Colour Senior Placement Program 2022

What is the Senior PoC Placement Program?

The Democracy in Colour Senior POC Placement Program intends to transform the face of the Australian Climate Movement to be more inclusive and representative of people of colour (POC) and our communities.

The senior placement program creates new mid and senior level staff roles with a concurrent training and mentorship program for people of colour within climate and environmental organisations.

Move beyond tokenistic representation through genuine climate justice and meaningful impact: build greater participation and leadership by communities of colour, reach, relevance, and the overall power of the climate movement.

Why participate in Democracy in Colour’s Senior Placement Program?

Democracy in Colour has the expertise and networks to support the sourcing, and facilitate the training, professional development, mentoring of POC leadership talent.

The program provides:

– in-depth training to build and support on-the-job learning and up-skilling

– expert mentorship and coaching to build leadership capacity

– professional development alongside a supportive brainstrust of like-minded campaigners of colour.

-Peer to peer collaborative learning and support in a safe empowering space for POC.

Professional development, mentorship and training is built into the placement traineeships: participants work four days per week within their placement organisation, and spend the equivalent of remaining one day per week participating in training intensives, peer to peer coaching workshops and mentorship sessions.

Key to the program’s success is that it creates safe spaces for POC within the climate movement by working with participating organisations to build anti-oppression cultures rooted in equity and fairness.

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