Take Action

Take Action

Whether you’re a person of colour, First Nations person or white accomplice sign up to Democracy in Colour to find out different ways you can take action in our campaigns, trainings and events.

We’re focused on building new systems in this country that ensures the dignity of all migrants, a  justice system built on restoration instead of racism and punishing the poor, an ambitious climate policy that leaves no one behind and an end to hate speech. 

Do you identify as a Person of Colour or First Nations person and want to volunteer?
Join us and other people of colour across the nation to organise for a more equal and racially just society. Whether you have a lot or no experience, Democracy in Colour will train you as a campaigner and organiser. Sign up through the volunteer page

Are you a white accomplice who wants to work in solidarity for racial justice?
We need a growing community of allies who amplify the voices of people of colour, self-educate about our racist colonial history and are willing to show up and speak out. Get involved with our Solidarity Network