A wage subsidy for all – including migrant workers

A wage subsidy for all – including migrant workers

The Morrison Government’s JobKeeper payment excludes over one million people who are living and working in Australia. With no income and no safety net, this announcement leaves hundreds of thousands to starve.

These workers pick the fruit and vegetables we eat everyday, they’re in the hospitality industry, they’re delivery drivers and carers, they’re the backbone of our economy.

Temporary workers and people without visas are at serious risk of contracting COVID-19, or unemployment. And with borders closed, these workers have nowhere else to go. They can’t work from home and their precarious contracts and visas do not grant them access to our social safety net.

This is a public health issue. A wage subsidy would be a lifeline, and it would ensure that people are able to physically distance.

That’s why we need Minister Ruston to ensure temporary workers and those without visas are supported through COVID-19.

All workers must be supported through this crisis, no matter what visa they’re on.