Anti-Racism Training

Anti-Racism Training

At Democracy in Colour, we run bespoke trainings for organisations and as interventions in key moments in society – such as our bystander intervention trainings in response to COVID-racism. To discuss training opportunities, please contact: marcella[at] 

Join a community of practice, working together for Racial Justice.

Explore, reflect and build your daily practice and capacity for racially just relationships and structures in your work and life communities.


Building a Racial Justice Practice

Date: April 19, 2023
Location: Online
Time: 11am – 1pm

Explore and grow everyday understanding and practice of Racial Justice in your relationships and communities. Learn how intersectionality and justice works by listening to stories of lived experience. Transform your justice practice through small, consistent actions.

Learning Outcomes: 

1. Understand racism and its impacts from a lived experience perspective.
2. Begin to develop an intentional everyday practice that builds safety and equity for people from racially diverse backgrounds in your world.
3. Grow safe and nourishing strategies of accountability and transformation so you can support the dismantling of discriminatory structures.

Safe Bystander Intervention
Date: June 21, 2023
Location: Online
Time: 11am – 1pm
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People of Colour experience racism in all aspects of our lives and we cannot fight or survive racism on our own. Anti-racism and Racial Justice and safety is the job of the whole community, but communities need the skills and understanding to stop racism and support people experiencing it.

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Recognise and be confident to intervene in a racist incident 
  2. Keep yourself and the person experiencing racism safe
  3. Apply intervention and safety principles to different scenarios

Powerful Racial Justice Conversations
Date: August 16, 2023
Location: Online
Time: 11am – 1pm
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Changing people’s minds about racism takes skill and strategy. Racism online impacts mental health and safety for First Nations and PoC. You can learn how to change minds on and offline towards anti-racism safely and effectively.


  1. Understand elements of powerful conversations to change people’s minds
  2. Feel confident to apply elements to conversations you have on and off line about racism and racial justice
  3. Keep yourself safe while having powerful conversations

Practicing Anti-racism at Work
Date: November 11, 2023
Location: Online
Time: 11am – 1pm
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Workplace racism is increasingly in the spotlight and people from diverse racial backgrounds suffer debilitating impacts of racism in many of our places of work. 

Leadership is dominated by people from European backgrounds everywhere, while racial injustice prevents many First Nations and people of colour from achieving their full potential..  

Learn how to recognise discrimination, and take small steps to support and build anti-racist cultures where the talents and contributions of all are nurtured and recognised, and career and leadership opportunities are open to everyone, no matter our backgrounds. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Develop capacity to recognise the structures, processes and behaviours that perpetuate discrimination in workplaces
  2. Understand the impact of racism in the workplace through lived experience stories
  3. Develop a continuous justice practice in your workplace to help dismantle unjust structures 

Cost: $150 per person. 10% off for groups of three or more.

The following workshops are run by our partner organisation, Hue. You can send an expression of interest in the below trainings using the form on this page. The team at Hue will contact you to book in your request. 

What do you know about Race & Racism?

The Trivia Challenge and Training Workshop 101

This is an engaging and interactive session designed to develop literacy, empathy, and understanding of race-related issues and identities, and improve safety and support for people of colour in your organisation, movement or place of work. It is appropriate for a range of knowledge levels and experiences, and creates a safe environment for real conversations about race and racism. We can adapt this workshop based on your industry. 

The workshop is designed based on strengths-based and peer to peer learning frameworks, to empower participants to come to understandings through facilitated discussions, and is run as a team trivia challenge.

Allyship in your workplace

Creating Change Together 202

This session is designed to take your staff and organisation to the next level. As a follow up to our What Do You Know About Race & Racism 101 training, this workshop converts your newly developed understanding of race and racism into practical skills that can be applied to your specific workplace setting. Using a combination of group work, role play, and personal reflection, this workshop develops capacity for solidarity, accountability and empowered change. The session is strengths-based, future oriented, and focused on skills and strategies, to turn the talk into action.

We also have a version of this workshop that approaches solidarity through a more intersectional lens, for organisations that have been working on inclusivity beyond racial justice.

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