Anti-Racism Training

Anti-Racism Training

We currently deliver two Anti-Racism training workshops to workplaces and organisations.

What do you know about Race & Racism?

The Trivia Challenge and Training Workshop 101

This is an engaging and interactive session designed to develop literacy, empathy, and understanding of race-related issues and identities, and improve safety and support for people of colour in your organisation, movement or place of work. It is appropriate for a range of knowledge levels and experiences, and creates a safe environment for real conversations about race and racism. We can adapt this workshop based on your industry. 

The workshop is designed based on strengths-based and peer to peer learning frameworks, to empower participants to come to understandings through facilitated discussions, and is run as a team trivia challenge.


Allyship in your workplace

Creating Change Together 202

This session is designed to take your staff and organisation to the next level. As a follow up to our What Do You Know About Race & Racism 101 training, this workshop converts your newly developed understanding of race and racism into practical skills that can be applied to your specific workplace setting. Using a combination of group work, role play, and personal reflection, this workshop develops capacity for solidarity, accountability and empowered change. The session is strengths-based, future oriented, and focused on skills and strategies, to turn the talk into action.

We also have a version of this workshop that approaches solidarity through a more intersectional lens, for organisations that have been working on inclusivity beyond racial justice.