Get involved

Get involved

Democracy in Colour is a grassroots, member-led racial justice organisation that is run entirely by people of colour, because we know movements are at their most powerful when the people most affected are the ones running the campaigns for change. 

Become a member

If you identify as a person of colour and/ or a First Nations person, volunteer in a national team or a local action group. You can sign up via the form on the right hand side of this page.

And then come along to a Welcome Call! These happen once a month on Zoom. Hear about the latest campaigns and meet other people who are also getting active.

Solidarity Network – stand with us

If you are a white accomplice, you can join our Solidarity Network where you connect with like-minded groups and individuals who are committed to racial justice. Your financial membership offers crucial support to our work. Join the Solidarity Network. 


We are fiercely independent and non-partisan. We do not take government funds so we are answerable to our members and our mission only. A regular gift to Democracy in Colour keeps us independent and fierce. Can you chip in?