Job Opportunities

 Are you a person of colour or First Nations person looking to build a more racially just country?

Join our team and work each day to build a better system in this country that ensures the dignity of all migrants, a restorative justice system that is removed from racism and punishing the poor, an ambitious climate policy that leaves no one behind and an end to hate speech. 

Democracy In Colour is a national racial and economic justice organisation led entirely by people of colour. We believe that people of colour and First Nations must lead in the political decision-making and solutions that affects us the most. That means we only hire people of colour and First Nations people as employees.

Work With Us

Democracy in Colour does not currently have any open paid positions.

Volunteer With Us

If you identify as First Nations or a person of colour join one of Democracy in Colour’s national team or a local action group here

Whether you have a lot of experience or are just starting your journey as an activist, our Organising team will support you in feeling skilled up and capable to campaign for change.

Meet like-minded people of colour organising for more just climate, migration, criminal and economic policies that give political power back to our communities.