Ceasefire Now

Ceasefire Now

Thank Politicians who support a ceasefire

Our government has called for a “sustainable ceasefire” in a joint statement with New Zealand and Canada, while also shifting its position and voting in favour of a humanitarian ceasefire at the United Nations General Assembly.[1,2] This is a significant shift in our government’s position and is due in large part to the strength, conviction and unity that our communities have shown over the past 2 months.

Right now, there is a shift in global sentiment to the horrors of Gaza. Australia is playing an important role in this shift, and with Foreign Minister Penny Wong set to visit the region next month, your email can help keep up the momentum for real change in Gaza.[3]

Voice your support for this shift in government position to strengthen the resolve of the politicians who need it right now. We have already demonstrated that our support means something. Sharing our continued support for a ceasefire will help to empower our elected leaders to take a strong unwavering position, backed by our communities’ relentless calls for an end to the suffering.

  1. Joint Statement by the Prime Ministers of Australia, Canada and New Zealand – Prime Minister of Canada
  2. Australia shifts position to vote in favour of UN resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire – The Guardian
  3. ‘Be brave’: Penny Wong urged to break with US over war in Gaza – Sydney Morning Herald

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