Start the new year by powering racial justice.

Start the new year by powering racial justice.

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Throughout history, powerful social movements have been led by people of colour and backed-in by a community of allies who know that the people who are closest to the pain are best placed to lead the solutions.

Racism is built into so-called Australia’s history, governments, institutions and colonial culture. White people benefit from this everyday. From when you apply for a job or a house, to the people who you see on TV and in your Parliament, to the way you’re treated by police or security – you have white privilege.

To dismantle structural racism, we need a growing community of allies who amplify the voices of people of colour, self-educate about our racist colonial history, be willing to show up and speak out, act as a resource when called upon, and most importantly, give regularly to power campaigns that tear down white supremacy.

By becoming a member you’ll join a community of solidarity. We’ll send you readings and podcasts, as well as opportunities for you to raise the voices of people of colour and show up or donate at key moments. You might be on-call for some data entry or phone banking, you might take on racist trolls online, or you might marshall a rally to keep people safe from cops.

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