Love Speaks All Languages

Love Speaks All Languages

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For hundreds of thousands of years, languages have helped us communicate our values and beliefs and facilitated social connection among people who share culture and identity.

And now the government wants to use language – the very tool that connects people – to tear loved ones apart. Under proposed changes, overseas partners will be banned from migrating to Australia if they can’t pass an English proficiency test. 

This blatant, anti-love measure is designed to keep people of colour out of Australia. Will you sign the petition to stop this brazen attack that will end relationships and tear loved ones apart?

An English proficiency test won’t make someone more Australian and certainly won’t show how well someone will contribute to their community or be a good neighbour. It’ll reinforce the colonial mindset that Australia’s language is English and further stoke racial hatred in our communities.

But it’s not over yet, because Parliament still has to pass the Budget. If we can make enough noise, quickly enough, then we can get this racist, anti-love measure removed for good.

Add your name to the petition now to stop this ridiculous new test and stand up for love and language.

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