End Sam Newman’s racist podcast

End Sam Newman’s racist podcast

Sam Newman is at it again. Despite being sacked from Channel 9, forced to make a public apology and pay a six-figure settlement for various racist remarks, Sam Newman continues to promote his racist and white supremacist views on his podcast.

In a recent episode of his podcast, Sam Newman went on a racist, anti-voice tirade. Among other things he mocked Welcome to Country and contested the existence of First Nations history and culture

This year we have seen many AFL players take public anti-racist action to counter the racism they experience daily. This takes incredible strength and should be celebrated. Instead, former AFL footballer, Sam Newman continues to use his racism to oppress and discredit First Nations people and people of colour across the country.

For these corporations to take notice we need a huge number of people to sign this petition. We are calling on four companies, Podbean, Apple, Spotify and Google to pull Sam Newman’s podcast from their services for good!

We need our communities and extended networks to sign on in solidarity with all First Nations people and people of colour to stop the promotion of, and profiting from this racist hate.