Make our temporary visa system fairer for everyone

Make our temporary visa system fairer for everyone

I’m Abhishek, and I work as a delivery driver for a restaurant platform, like Uber Eats or Deliveroo. I’ve worked throughout the pandemic, rain, hail or shine, because I and hundreds of thousands of other people like me were excluded from Government support.

I pay taxes in Australia, I work and live here, I am a part of my community right in Sydney. But because of my Visa type, I was prevented from accessing any support and forced to work multiple and dangerous ‘jobs’. It’s not fair that I’ve been treated like I’m less at risk of Covid-19, or less important if I do catch it.

Unfortunately, Abhishek’s story is not unique. The Australian temporary visa system currently forces someone who wants to be in Australia to choose between their health and the public’s health, or money to pay rent and food. This scheme creates two tiers of people: one who has rights to access a safety net and one who cannot. It reinforces an unfair, unequal Australia.

The new Home Affairs Minister can change how our visa system operates, making it fairer and safer for everyone living in Australia. Will you help Abhishek and thousands of people like him by you adding your name now to this petition calling for our visa system that allows temporary visa holders to access a safety net?

Sign and share this petition if you want to create a visa system that ensures equality and dignity for all – no matter who they are or where they come from.

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