#WriteYes for Voice, Truth and Treaty

#WriteYes for Voice, Truth and Treaty

The upcoming referendum is a step towards First Nations justice which is why Democracy in Colour will be supporting  ‘Yes’  for Voice, Truth and Treaty. This is the beginning of a national conversation about the ongoing impacts of colonisation on First Nations people. 

A Yes outcome will allow us to move towards transformative change that First Nations communities have been advocating for for decades — truth-telling, treaty, land rights, representation, meaningful First Nations-led justice and holding politicians within Governments to account. 

Many of us and our families have been forced to migrate or seek asylum and refuge on this continent because of the perpetual legacy of British and European colonisation. 

Fierce and unwavering resistance led by First Nations communities fought to abolish the White Australia Policy which has benefited PoC migrants. 

As settlers on this continent we hold immense privilege. It is our duty to leverage this privilege in solidarity with First Nations people in their fight for sovereignty. 

While over 80% of First Nations people support the Voice, no community is homogeneous. First Nations people have diverse views that should be respected. From Treaty and truth-telling, to land rights and deaths in custody, to healthcare and housing — this moment will have a huge impact on so many issues right across our communities. But losing it risks setting this work back by decades.

Pledge to #WriteYes for Voice, for Truth, for Treaty and for transformative change.

Read our full statement here.

Authorised by Neha Madhok, Democracy in Colour, 36-38 Gipps St Collingwood 3066 VIC

Events and Resources


Chalk the Streets with Us! 
Can you come along to chalk the streets with Write YES messages for this life-changing moment in the fight for First Nations justice? You don’t need any special skills to volunteer on the day! Just enter your details and bring a friend along if you wish. You’ll meet other like minded people, have fun and be creative!

Blacktown EOI

Box Hill 
Saturday 23rd September 

Box Hill Plaza (outside train station)

10am – 12pm
Saturday 23rd September 
Cabramatta Train Station

Online #WriteYes events
No events near you or want to join from home? We’ve got you covered. Check out GetUp’s list of Online Events and Calling Parties, which are held via Zoom video call or CrowdCast. Please find the relevant link to join the online event in the response email when you RSVP.


Passing the Message Stick
Passing the Message Stick is a First Nations-led research project designed to shift public narrative in support of First Nations justice and self-determination. This is a resource to build a groundswell of public support and win a resounding Yes, then a wave of transformative change for First Nation justice will follow – because public momentum and demand gives governments a political mandate to act on bold policy reform. 

Multicultural Australia for Voice
Resources and translated materials from an alliance of multicultural community organisations that support the Voice referendum.

Voice to Parliament Translated Factsheets
Life Without Barriers has a suite of translated materials in multiple languages about the upcoming Referendum.