Business Council of Australia report pushes back against racist scapegoating

MEDIA RELEASE | 10 August 2023

Democracy in Colour has today welcomed the Business Council of Australia’s (BCA) new report on the important role of migration in this country.

Democracy in Colour Campaigner, Jarrod Tan says:

“This is a refreshing change from the racist scapegoating we’ve seen over the last few weeks in the national discourse. The BCA report is a welcome acknowledgement of this country’s reliance on the skills, knowledge and labour of migrants. Migrants have been the backbone of our economy for decades and continue to contribute to the social and cultural fabric of Australia.

“The Dutton Opposition is trying to scapegoat the post-covid migration catch-up to drum up racism and distract from past policy failures that directly contribute to the housing crisis we are experiencing today.”

As a racial justice organisation, Democracy in Colour is calling for politicians to address the real reasons that everyday working people are doing it tough during this housing crisis.

Jarrod Tan adds that:

“Everyone in this country, including migrants, is impacted by the housing crisis we are currently facing. This crisis is many decades in the making and has little to nothing to do with migration.

“The former Morrison Government and the now Dutton Opposition have refused to take a stance on negative gearing, capital gains tax concessions, inheritance, and planning failures – policy areas that would see an even playing field for all Australians.

“Disingenuous migration rhetoric is the latest in a long political tradition of racist scapegoating for political gain. Our communities expect better. Instead of these meaningful solutions, they’re laying the blame on the 50% of us who are migrants or descended from migrants.

“We need politicians from all sides to provide an honest, accountable assessment of this crisis that poses real solutions rather than opting for political point scoring that is steeped in racism. At a time when people across the country are facing mounting pressures, Democracy in Colour is calling on all politicians to provide the honest solutions that will serve all of us” said Jarrod Tan.


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The Migration with Dignity campaign calls for clearer pathways to permanent migration, ending corporate ties to temporary migration sponsorship and allowing working migrants access to public services including Medicare.

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