Democracy in Colour calls on AFR to apologise for racist ad


Today, the Australian Financial Review (AFR) ran an abhorrent racist full-page advertisement under the guise of No to the Voice campaign material. National anti-racism organisation Democracy in Colour is calling for the AFR to issue an immediate apology.

National Director at Democracy in Colour, Neha Madhok says ‘By publishing this ad, the AFR has willfully demonstrated their complete disregard for the harmful impact it will have on First Nations people in the community.

‘This is blatant race baiting by a far right group Advance Australia and by publishing this ad, the AFR has endorsed racist tropes and vilified a prominent campaigner for the Voice to Parliament. 

‘An ad like this is designed to divide us, it’s a scare tactic that assumes we’re too dumb to notice that they’re trying to start a culture war – but it won’t work.

The Voice has the potential to unite us, and this is a threat to right wing extremists like Advance Australia.

“We know that the people in this country are better than this, we’re switched on enough to see through such crude attempts to divide our country along racial lines.That’s just not on. 

‘ The AFR must issue an immediate apology.’ she said.


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