Democracy in Colour welcomes migration strategy but cautions divisive blame game rhetoric

MEDIA RELEASE | 11 December 2023

Democracy in Colour, a racial justice movement of 16,000 across the country, has signalled support for the government’s proposed migration reforms while simultaneously warning against divisive political rhetoric that blames migration for problems that have been decades in the making. 

Democracy in Colour Campaigner, Jarrod Tan says:

“Migrants will continue to be a vital part of this country’s ongoing success and this migration strategy identifies that. We face the same pressures as everyone else in this country, so it is great to see that the government is looking at bringing in more measures to protect migrants from the exploitative conditions that exist due to the temporary nature of their visas.

“At the same time, Democracy in Colour is disappointed to hear the ongoing politicisation that blames migration levels for the myriad challenges we are all facing right now. This only serves to continue a long political tradition of racist scapegoating for political gain in this country.

“The majority of people in this country are first or second-generation migrants, and we expect better than pointing fingers at new migrants for issues like the ongoing housing crisis to score short-term political points.

“We all experienced the consequences of a lack of migration during the pandemic, with many sectors still yet to recover. This has negatively impacted all of us with delays and shortages ranging from the care and health sector to the construction industry, and we are hopeful that this strategy will help to constructively address these skills shortages and acknowledge the incredibly important contributions and sacrifices that migrants make.

“While this strategy proposes much-needed reforms it is important for our communities that all sides of politics acknowledge the important contribution that migrants make and that they are welcome in this country. 

“Democracy in Colour is calling on politicians from all sides to provide an honest, accountable assessment of the pressures we are all facing while posing real solutions rather than opting for political tactics steeped in racism and targeting our communities.” he said.

Media Contacts:

Jarrod Tan | 0455 200 905


Democracy in Colour is a national racial and economic justice organisation in Australia that advocates on behalf of people of colour and multicultural communities across the country. It has a base of over 16,000 people and active member groups in different states in Australia. Read more at

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