Dutton’s deportation comments ‘anti-democractic double standard’

MEDIA RELEASE | 12 October 2023

Anti-racism community campaigning organisation Democracy in Colour has today slammed calls by Opposition Leader Peter Dutton to deport people who attend pro-Palestine protests.

National Director Neha Madhok says:

“Threatening Pro-Palestinian protesters with deportation is an outrageous, anti-democratic double standard. We all have the right to protest in this country, and the simple act of holding an opinion that is pro-Palestine is in no way grounds for deportation or visa cancellation.

“The Opposition Leader’s double standards are glaringly obvious, where was he when Neo-Nazis filled the streets of Melbourne and Sydney? Or when radical anti-trans campaigners came to Australian shores to spout their hatred?

“Right now it is important to de-escalate tensions, not inflame them. Racist threats of deportation will simply make things worse.”

Dutton spoke on 2GB this morning, saying that there was ‘no room’ for those ‘with hate in their hearts’ following protests in Sydney this week around the Israel Palestine conflict.

“This hypocritical call for deportation flies in the face of Dutton’s claim to represent a party that upholds the right to freedom of speech as a foundational value.

“If such an extremist call becomes law then Australia is at risk of setting a dangerous precedent. Whose views will be next up on the deportation chopping block?” Ms Madhok said.

Rally organisers have rightly condemned anti-Semetic speech by a small number of protestors, and defended their right to continue with the planned protests on Sunday in major cities across the country. Democracy in Colour supports the right of its 16,000 members to engage in lawful protest.

“Australians value a fair go. This includes being able to peacefully take to the street to express our outrage and desire for change. It is a fundamental part of living in a democratic society.”

“People who are already on precarious temporary visas should not be threatened with deportation on the radio by the Opposition Leader for exercising basic democratic rights.”


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Democracy in Colour is a national racial and economic justice organisation in Australia that advocates on behalf of people of colour and multicultural communities across the country. It has a base of over 16,000 people and active member groups in different states in Australia. Read more at

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