Newly proposed gig worker reforms will curb the exploitation of people of colour

MEDIA RELEASE | 31 August 2023

National racial and economic justice organisation Democracy in Colour has voiced its support for the proposed reforms to strengthen gig worker’s rights in Australia. For too long, these industries that employ large numbers of people of colour have engaged in discriminatory practices that allow them to turn a blind eye to their worker’s basic rights and protections.

Democracy in Colour Campaigner, Jarrod Tan says:

“The basic rights announced by Minister Tony Burke today are the absolute minimum that we should all expect at work and there is no reason that gig workers should be denied these rights. Many migrants and people of colour turn to gig work when they cannot find other work, often due to unconscious racial bias.

“Injury or death should not be a daily risk for these workers. These work arrangements are deliberately designed to prioritise the profits of employers by placing pressure on workers, exacerbating these risks with little benefit to the workers.

“For too long we have seen exploitation of workers who are doing all they can to make ends meet by denying them minimum standards. With many people in this country benefiting from the service that these workers provide, these workers should have the basic rights and benefits that we all expect.

“When we make sure that there are stronger protections for gig workers and people of colour, we’re looking after all workers and the whole country benefits. These are standards that all people in this country would expect for themselves and that people of colour should not be denied.

“The work of migrants and temporary visa holders, many of whom are people of colour, is the backbone of our economy. With workers doing essential work such as those in the care sector, they deserve essential rights and protections.

“Across this country, people of colour, migrants and temporary visa holders have inadequate protection mechanisms that do little to stop exploitation. We hope that these changes lead to long-term stability for migrant workers so that we can continue to see people take up the work and provide services that we need, safely and with the basic rights that we all expect.”

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Democracy in Colour is a national racial and economic justice movement of over 16,000 members that advocates for people of colour and multicultural communities across the country. Read more at

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